Lover/Mistress of Alejandro


A young woman in her early 20’s. Very classic, almost stereotypical, Hispanic. She has long, wavy black hair with relatively pale skin and brown eyes.


Rosa knew Alejandro was a vampire the night she met him. She had gone to a bar with some of her co-workers. The bar was not their usual location. They had heard of a new bar that was becoming popular with the wealthy. Rosa was able to bribe/sweet talk the bouncer into letting them in. After a few drinks, they noticed a very well dressed gentleman sitting at a corner table, watching them. Rosa was immediately intrigued, though her co-workers were nervous. After a few minutes discussion, the girls left while Rosa stayed. The stranger beckoned her over, and she joined him. She spent a few hours talking with this stranger, whose name she had not learned yet, nor would learn until the next night.

Slightly drunk, she agreed to go with him to his place. She found herself in bed, the stranger having pulled her shirt and pants off. Bewildered with herself, she started having sex with this stranger. At the point of “climax” for the stranger, he bit her. She had been nipped and nibbled before, but was taken by surprise when he bit her neck, drawing blood and lapping at it. That is when she realized he was a vampire. She found herself becoming enamored of him. Over the course of several months, she started dating Alejandro, becoming his mistress.

About two years later, Alejandro told her to go to the States, that things were getting dangerous, he wanted her safe, and that he would send for her when things were safe again. She made it to the Mexican side of the border city Presidio when she was attacked by an unknown vampire. The vampire pinned her to the ground and bit her arm. Upon tasting the blood, the vampire panicked and threw her across the room before fleeing, where she landed on the bed and rolled of. In a mild state of shock, she managed to get out of town had into Texas, where she was picked up and taken into Ocotillo. She does not recall her entrance into the States, nor arriving in Ocotillo or the hospital.


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