Carlos Santes

Hunter, retired (retired cop)


An older man, mid to late 50s, retired from the Policia. He still takes on the role of detective, looking into crime scenes that interest him. While he will not deny that the police force and government are wholly corrupt, he believes that there are worse problems that need to be dealt with besides that. There are, after all, worse things hiding in the shadows.

He walks with a very noticeable limp in his right leg. His left arm is missing from just below the elbow, and scars run up to about mid bicep. As he usually wears a short sleeved t-shirt, the scars are quite obvious. While a good portion of the scars around the stump are the result of operations to try to save as much of the arm as possible, they have resulted in leaving the stump a mangled mess. The scarring above his elbow appear to be defensive wounds received while fending off a very large dog of some sort. He will have no problem mentioning that it was in fact a werewolf that had attacked him, so long as he feels the person will be accepting of the idea.

Carlos Santes

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