A Candle in the Night

Vampires... Werewolves... What?

The group begins looking into the causes of the “accidents” that are beginning to plague the city, starting with the most recent incident. At first, it appears as if something had exploded, causing the bridge to collapse, but there is no residue from any explosives. While poking around, the group encounters an older man, Carlos Santes. He tells them that there are other things more important to deal with in the city than the corruption and gangsters the group was beginning to be concerned about. He hints at a darker, shadowy world that should be dealt with.

During the course of the investigation, the group begins to get “concrete” evidence that the accidents are more intentional than most people believe. Edmund P. Grey III finds some inspection reports that contradict the standard lines of “natural cause” or “old age and lack of maintenance”. The reports never made it into the official files, despite the authors being professional, respected men within their field. Though the authors of the unpublished reports could not add much information, they were all able to confirm the group’s suspicions that none of these incidents were natural, though the cause still is not known.

While Edmund was searching for the reports and interviewing the authors, Jim Clark went back to speak withDon Alejandro Diego de la Varga, seeking any information the self-proclaimed vampire lord might have on the incidents. Don Alejandro seemed almost indifferent in the apparent rampant destruction of his city. He did comment that he has heard a few rumors about a cult that might some how be involved. “The cult of the black something” as he mentioned it.

Jim starts digging a little deeper and runs intoRicardo Chavez, a sociologist at the University. Ricardo specializes in studying sub groups within cultures, especially secret societies. He was able to give Jim the name of the cult mentioned by Don Alejandro, “The Cult of The Black Sun”. After a brief discussion, it was determined that this cult might be behind the incidents in Mexico City, and that they are probably quite dangerous.

It was during this time that Don Alejandro contacted Jim to do some work for him. Jim, despite being rather upset at how Don Alejandro, or one of his minions, managed to enter his premises and bypass all security to leave an envelope on the coffee table, did decide to accept the offer of work.



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