A Candle in the Night

Vampires... Werewolves... What?

The group begins looking into the causes of the “accidents” that are beginning to plague the city, starting with the most recent incident. At first, it appears as if something had exploded, causing the bridge to collapse, but there is no residue from any explosives. While poking around, the group encounters an older man, Carlos Santes. He tells them that there are other things more important to deal with in the city than the corruption and gangsters the group was beginning to be concerned about. He hints at a darker, shadowy world that should be dealt with.

During the course of the investigation, the group begins to get “concrete” evidence that the accidents are more intentional than most people believe. Edmund P. Grey III finds some inspection reports that contradict the standard lines of “natural cause” or “old age and lack of maintenance”. The reports never made it into the official files, despite the authors being professional, respected men within their field. Though the authors of the unpublished reports could not add much information, they were all able to confirm the group’s suspicions that none of these incidents were natural, though the cause still is not known.

While Edmund was searching for the reports and interviewing the authors, Jim Clark went back to speak withDon Alejandro Diego de la Varga, seeking any information the self-proclaimed vampire lord might have on the incidents. Don Alejandro seemed almost indifferent in the apparent rampant destruction of his city. He did comment that he has heard a few rumors about a cult that might some how be involved. “The cult of the black something” as he mentioned it.

Jim starts digging a little deeper and runs intoRicardo Chavez, a sociologist at the University. Ricardo specializes in studying sub groups within cultures, especially secret societies. He was able to give Jim the name of the cult mentioned by Don Alejandro, “The Cult of The Black Sun”. After a brief discussion, it was determined that this cult might be behind the incidents in Mexico City, and that they are probably quite dangerous.

It was during this time that Don Alejandro contacted Jim to do some work for him. Jim, despite being rather upset at how Don Alejandro, or one of his minions, managed to enter his premises and bypass all security to leave an envelope on the coffee table, did decide to accept the offer of work.

From Texas to Mexico City

A chance encounter in a small town. That’s all it took to bring three people together. A disgraced young doctor, an ex-military man and a local BLM agent teamed up to help look for a young boy that went missing that morning.

The boy, Jacob, was in the back yard playing. His mother, Mary, was doing laundry, getting ready to hang the sheets to dry. She stepped out the back door and froze. A large coyote like creature was standing over the still body of her son. She tried to scream, but can’t, only able to focus on a pair of red eyes looking at her. The next thing she remembered was running down the street, crying, yelling her baby is gone. Jim, Edward and Steven started looking for the child. They found a small den that the child had been drug off to. Within the den was a female canid and three pups. After killing the creatures, the body of the adult creature was brought back to Steven’s house and autopsied. It was deduced by Steven that the creature was in fact a Chupecabra. The group decided to put the remains in Steven’s freezer chest as they try to figure out exactly what to do with it.

Shortly after that, the group is notified of a very unusual medical case that arrived at the local hospital. A young woman had been brought in by a couple. She was showing signs of advanced and extreme anemia, as well as bruising and bite marks through out her body. Getting the woman to talk, they learn that she is the mistress of of a man who claims to be a vampire. Deciding to bring her back to Mexico City, they make preparations for the long trip, get the woman from released from the hospital, and took a long drive.

When they reached Mexico City, the woman, Rosalinda, directs them to a small business building. They are admitted into the building, despite it being after hours, and led upstairs and eventually into the office of Don Alejandro Diego de la Varga. He thanks them for bringing his beloved back to him safely, if a bit earlier than he planned, and offers them pay for their trouble, as well as the opportunity to work for him in dealing with his enemies.

The group turned down the offer for the moment. While still in Mexico City, they hear news of a major bridge collapsing, killing hundreds of people in a freak accident. Steven starts doing some searching, and noticed a pattern in accidents throughout the city. All accidents, causes usually listed as “unknown” or “natural” have been escalating since earlier in the year, both in time, frequency and destructiveness.

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